Mark Garcia
Post-Doctoral Scholar

Professional Profile



  • University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL. May 2015
    Doctorate of Philosophy, Evolutionary Biology
    Advisor: Ryan L. Earley
  • University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL. May 2012
    Masters of Science, Integrative Animal Behavior
    Advisor: Ryan L. Earley
  • California State University, Fresno May 2008
    Bachelors of Science Organismal Biology with Ecology & Evolution focus


My research seeks to examine variation of thermal tolerance and insecticide resistance in an invasive fruit pest (Spotted Wing Drosophila; SWD; Drosophila suzukii) across a latitudinal gradient, determine the links between genetic variation and variation in these invasion-related traits, and, ultimately, generate effective SWD management recommendations. SWD is a recent invasive to North America, arriving in 2008, as has quickly demonstrated itself as a significant threat, having spread across all mainland US states and causing an estimated $500 million annually in agricultural losses within three US states alone. My goal is to generate the necessary research tools and information needed to develop effective SWD management strategies and, ultimately, better aid the agricultural community in mitigating crop losses from SWD, decreasing control costs, and improving crop yields.