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Students pursuing the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture may follow an individualized program in Entomology. Read more about an indivdualized program here:

For more information, contact: 

Office of Academic Programs

N6 Ag. Science Building - North University of Kentucky 
Lexington, KY 40546-0091 
859.257.3468 or 859.257.3469


University of Kentucky students in any major may choose to minor in Entomology. The following list shows the pre-minor and minor requirements.

For more information, visit:

Pre-minor Requirement

Two semesters of introductory biology (6 hours)

Minor Requirements


ENT 300 General Entomology (3 hours)

Select the remaining (12 hours) from:

ENT 310 Insect Pests of Field Crops (3 hours) 
ENT 320 Horticultural Entomology (3 hours) 
ENT 340 Livestock Entomology (2 hours) 
ENT 360 Genetics (3 hours)
ENT 395 Independent Work (1-3 hours) 
ENT 502 Forest Entomology (3 hours)
ENT 520 Digital Identification (3 hours)
ENT 530 Integrated Pest Management (3 hours)
ENT 561 Insects Affecting Human and Animal Health (3 hours)
ENT 563 Parasitology (4 hours)
ENT 564 Insect Taxonomy (4 hours)
ENT 568 Insect Behavior (3 hours)
ENT 575 Advanced Applied Entomology (4 hours)