Fletcher Scales

ENTFACT-434: Fletcher Scale Management  |  Download PDF

Obscure Scale

ENTFACT-432: Obscure Scale  |  Download PDF

Magnolia Scale

ENTFACT-431: Magnolia Scale  |  Download PDF

Lecanium Scales

ENTFACT-430: Lecanium Scales  |  Download PDF

Juniper Scale

ENTFACT-429: Juniper Scale  |  Download PDF

Euonymous Scale

ENTFACT-428: Euonymous Scale Identification and Management   |  Download PDF

Cottony Maple Scale

ENTFACT-427: Cottony maple Scale Identification & Management  |  Download PDF

Plant Bugs and Lacebugs

ENTFACT-419: Plant Bugs and Lacebugs  |  Download PDF

by Brian Skinnell and Lee Townsend, University of Kentucky Entomology
University of Kentucky College of Agriculture 

Plant bugs and lacebugs use their sucking mouthparts to feed on plant sap. Damage ranges from many small white spots on the leaves to distortion or destruction of plant tissue, depending on the pest and host plant. Some feed on many different types of plants while others feed only on a narrow range or single species.