Livestock Insect-Pest Calendar for Kentucky

Livestock Insect-Pest Calendar for Kentucky

ENTFACT Supplement: Livestock Insect-Pest Calendar for Kentucky

This table shows:
  • when to expect insects of concern to appear,
  • when population numbers can be expected to peak, and
  • the usual length of time these insects are present during the season.
Please note:
  • These dates are approximations only. Local weather and soil conditions in a given year will determine exact dates of first and peak appearance.
  • This calendar was constructed using data from Kentucky, USA. If you are located in Kentucky or in nearby states with similar conditions, you will probably find it useful.
  • These dates may not apply in your area, especially the farther you are located from Kentucky. In that case, you may wish to contact your county extension agent or agricultural consultant for information about your locality.
  • - or * indicates insect populations likely to be present
  • * indicates peak population levels likely
  • Multiple peaks indicate the particular insect species produces more than one generation per year.

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