2018 St. Fair Winners

2018 St. Fair Winners

2018 St. Fair Winners

Published on Aug. 21, 2018

Congratulations to this year's winners in the Entomology category at the 2018 St. Fair! The winners are currently on display in Cloverville (South Wing A) until the end of the fair. The Grand Champion was once again Clark County's T. J. Svoboda who created a 5th-year collection showing the life cycles and nests of many Kentucky bee and wasp species. Learn more about how to make 4-H insect collections. The winners in each category are listed below:

Class 687A (1st Year Insect Collection) - Kendall Phillips, Wayne Co.Class 688 (2nd Year Insect Collection) - Anna Stoltman, Lincoln Co.Class 689 (3rd Year Insect Collection) - Madeline Hinman, Kenton Co.Class 691 (5th Year Insect Collection) - T. J. Svoboda, Clark Co.

New this year is Class 687B. This is the digital photography option for the first-year insect collection. Learn more about the new 4-H insect photography project. The first winner ever for this category was:

Class 687A (1st Year Insect Collection, Photography Option) - Katherine Zimmerman, Fayette County

Shown below is one of her images:4H

Contact Information

S-225 Ag Science Center Lexington, KY 40546-0091

(859) 257-7450