2021 St. Fair 4-H Entomology Winners

2021 St. Fair 4-H Entomology Winners

2021 St. Fair 4-H Entomology Winners

Published on Aug. 23, 2021

Congratulations to this year's winners in the 4-H Entomology categories at the 2021 Kentucky St. Fair! Each year, 4-Hers from around the state compete in a variety of entomology competitions that are based on physical collections of pinned insects or collections of digitally-photographed insects. The collections become larger and more elaborate as 4-Hers progress from 1st to 5th year versions of the projects. Some of these projects are on display at the St. Fair in the Cloverville section now until Aug 29, 2021. Learn more about 4-H Entomology projects by talking to your local county 4-H agent (there's one in every county!) or visiting our 4-H Entomology resource page.

2021 Grand Champion: Katherine Zimmerman (Fayette County)

2021 Reserve Grand Champion: Kolton Zimmerman (Fayette County)

1st Year Pinned Insect Collection (Lot 6026, Class 687)Class Champ: Kindle Zimmerman (Fayette County)

2nd Year Pinned Insect Collection (Lot 6026, Class 688)Class Champ: Lilly Westerfield (Larue County)

2nd Year Insect Photography Project (Lot 6026, Class 688B)Class Champ: Gabe Urgelles (Pulaski County)

3rd Year Pinned Insect Collection (Lot 6026, Class 689)Class Champ and Reserve Grand Champ: Kolton Zimmerman (Fayette County)

3rd Year Insect Photography Project (Lot 6026, Class 689B)Class Champ and Overall Grand Champ: Katherine Zimmerman (Fayette County)

Zimmerman - Grasshopper image

A photo from Katherine Zimmerman's (Fayette Co) Grand Champion insect photography project. 3rd year 4-Hers are tasked with collecting 50-100 images of living insects and their relatives and noting impacts that those creatures have on humans.

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