Horned Oak Gall

ENTFACT-457: Horned Oak Gall  |  Download PDF

Walnut Scale

ENTFACT-436: Walnut Scale  |  Download PDF

Tuliptree Scale

ENTFACT-435: Managing Tuliptree Scale  |  Download PDF

Oystershell Scale

ENTFACT-433: Oystershell Scale  |  Download PDF

by Lee Townsend, Extension Specialist
University of Kentucky College of Agriculture 

Oystershell scale is a common armored scale that can infest more than 100 plant species. Among the common hosts are lilac, ash, dogwood, maple, and willow. Males and females are about 1/10" inch long and resemble oyster shells. Their drab, bark-like appearance makes them easy to overlook, even on close inspection. Heavy infestations can kill twig or branches. 

Obscure Scale

ENTFACT-432: Obscure Scale  |  Download PDF