Annual Bluegrass Weevil

ENTFACT-472: Annual Bluegrass Weevil - A Growing Concern for Kentucky Golf Courses  |  Download PDF

Red Cocklebur Weevil

ENTFACT-159: Red Cocklebur Weevil   |  Download PDF 

Old House Borer

ENTFACT-653: Old House Borer  |  Download PDF

Firewood Insects

ENTFACT-626: Firewood Insects  |  Download PDF

by Lee Townsend, Extension Entomologist
University of Kentucky College of Agriculture 

Many people use a fireplace to supplement their heat supply or just for enjoyment. Insects and other arthropods that are brought into the home on or in firewood may cause alarm but most are of no consequence. Firewood insects usually belong to one of two groups:

Soldier Beetles

ENTFACT-707: Soldier Beetles  |  Download PDF

by Stephanie Bailey, Extension Specialist
University of Kentucky College of Agriculture 

Soldier beetles are very common insects that resemble lightning bugs but do not have light-producing organs. They also may be confused with blister beetles which can be serious pests in forage crops and vegetables. But blister beetles have a square-shaped head and a very visible "neck" due to the narrow thorax relative to the head and abdomen.